Although the breast is a symbol of femininity, its excessive size is a problem. Large breasts can cause waist, neck and back pain, rash on the anterior chest wall, and a shy-indecisive character in social life. Women with large breasts especially complain about not being able to wear the dress they want and not being able to move comfortably in the crowd. The way to make the breasts suitable for the body and body is through surgery.

Pre-operative photographs are taken and necessary markings are made. The areas to be liposuctioned and the new location of the nipple are determined. Women over the age of 40 are screened for mammography. A form containing enlightening information about the surgery is given and you are given the opportunity to ask your questions.

The surgery takes approximately 2.5 hours and is performed under general anesthesia. After being hospitalized for one night, the patient is discharged with an operation bra attached. This bra is specially produced to prevent a load on the seam areas and is recommended to be worn for 4 weeks. Within a week, there is a significant reduction in pain and swelling. All other activities are allowed except heavy lifting and strenuous movements. In general, the need for dressing disappears ten days after the operation. There is no problem of getting stitches. First, weekly and then monthly checks, and the changes experienced are followed with photographs.

The aim of breast reduction surgery is to remove excess skin and adipose tissue. The incisions made cause post-operative scars. These scars may lose their clarity over time, but they are permanent. As a result, small breasts with some scars are obtained instead of large breasts.

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