It is the type of operation we prefer when sagging breasts occur. If the nipple is located below the inframammary line, we can say that there is sagging in the breast. This situation bothers many women. sagging of the breasts may also accompany the lack of volume in the breasts. In such cases, breast lift and augmentation operations are planned simultaneously. With this surgery, an incision of 5-6 cm is made around the nipple and towards the under-breast line. The breast is erected through this incision and a breast prosthesis is placed if necessary. After this surgery, a scar in the form of a lollipop remains. The scars remain in the underwear and their visibility decreases over time. Our patient can take a bath on the 2nd day after the operation. After about 1 week, there is no dressing on the breast, except for the bands, and he can return to business life. A sports bra must be worn for one month.

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