Wrinkles occur especially in the face area due to factors such as sunlight, gravity, smoking and old age. Wrinkles can be roughly divided into deep and superficial. Deep wrinkles and sagging can be reduced by surgery depending on the area. However, we have some non-surgical solutions for superficial wrinkles. At the beginning of these solutions are fillers. It is a very effective method especially in reducing wrinkles that occur due to fat reduction or change of location.
The most frequently used fillers in our time are hyaluronic acid gels. Fillers are produced with different technologies and classified according to their density and permanence. We use these gels most often in the treatment of fine, medium and deep wrinkles, lip augmentation or correction of facial contours, and removal of sunken skin scars.
The fillers known as ‘light filling’, which we apply especially to the under eye area, are applied to give the area brightness and vitality. Light filling provides hydration and volume to the eyelids thanks to the low-density hyaluronic acid in its structure. I apply the light filling, which is effective by increasing the light reflecting capacity of the skin, with the help of cannulas. Thanks to this technique, bruising and swelling are minimized.

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