Facial area undergoes deformation due to aging, cessation of collagen production, not paying attention to personal care, drugs used for the treatment of diseases and having genetically wrinkled facial features. Over time, with the effect of aging, gravity and sun damage, the facial skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles. As a result, sagging occurs in the lower jaw edges, neck and cheek areas. It is possible to get rid of these negative changes with facelift surgery and turn back the time. Facelift can be applied alone according to the needs of our patients, as well as surgeries such as neck lift, mid-face lift, mini face lift, lower and upper eyelids and oil injection to the areas in need of the face. Neck lift, upper and lower eyelid surgery, and facial fat injection operations combined with facelift in a full facelift surgery can rejuvenate patients close to 10 years old.

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