Prominent or flail ear deformity is one of the most common problems of the ear. It is characterized by the outward displacement of the auricle and the absence of some ear folds. The cartilage tissue in the inner part gives the shape of the auricle. If the angle of this cartilage structure with the skull is higher than normal, the ear will be displaced outward and the ear will appear larger than it is. Again, the slight or absence of the folds of the ear disrupts the aesthetics of the ear and causes it to attract attention. Prominent ear complaints occur mostly in childhood and may cause unwanted situations such as name-calling. Therefore, the best time for surgery is the pre-primary age.

Prominent ear correction is an easy and short-term procedure. General or local anesthesia can be preferred depending on the age of the person. The cartilage structure is revealed with mini incisions made behind the ear. Then, the cartilage tissue is reshaped with non-absorbable sutures. Sometimes cartilage tissue removal may also be required. Three days later, the first dressing is done. Stitches are removed after ten days. He is asked to wear a tennis player’s headband for two weeks. Thanks to this band, the ear will be protected from unwanted impacts. This band must be worn while lying down, especially since the curling of the ear while sleeping will damage the operated area.

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